Forage & Feeding

Optimise starch and fibre digestion to increase energy supply
There is no single, magical product to guarantee perfect feed, so DSM offers a range of solutions and services- tailored to your needs – to help you get the most value from your forages.
They often start by preventing dry matter loss and preserving the nutritional and hygienic value of all ensiling materials with the strategically selected lactic acid bacteria in the Biomin BioStabil silage inoculant range. Managing mycotoxins is another crucial step. Test your forages with Spectrum Top 50, a mycotoxin productivity by deactivating mycotoxins. And for corn (maize) silage, FUMzyme Silage is a unique additive sprayed at harvest that targets and detoxifies fumonisins.
To optimise feed, Ronozyme RumiStar is a cutting-edge feed enzyme specifically developed for dairy cows, and optimises the nutrient value of well-preserved and safe corn silage It optimises starch and fibre digestion, increases energy supply and means more milk from the same feed For all types of forage, Levabon delivers an enhanced prebiotic effect compared to conventional yeasts. Better feed efficiency means