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Welcome to the world of APISA. APISA Biotech is a Biotechnology based market driven company continuously works on Zoological health management. The R & D of APISA is fully dedicated to all the advancement of technologies to minimise the residual chemical harms by the biotechnology-based solution to make eco-balanced world tomorrow. The extract of the R&D updates all new findings regularly in the column of School of APISA in the regards of animal health management. The rare collection of different formulations by APISA ensure the Economic, Safe, Convenient, Reliable, Sustainable and Affordable solution for the farm management. The international associates of the APISA conform the best selection for the entire operating countries. The clinical labs of APISA is another free service mission to encourage farmers. APISA also set a mission on the continuous Mass Communication Program on the awareness building in the Globe.

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Your business is our concern. We care your crop and ensure profitability. We are dedicated for your business and to maximise Profitabilities.

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The future of the mankind in the certain areas is that one of the nutritional resources shall only be the fish and fish-products, where there will be no medical restriction for consumption. Hence we visualise the brighter future with fish business during the days are coming


Apisa Biotech is dedicated to stand you tall with the greater value of art of living for a continuous contribution to the society. Your success story in the farming may be a food for thought for other upcoming progressive youngsters as a rising sun.


The regular updating of knowledge from the School of Apisa is as like as brushing your teeth that must make you up to lead a healthy social life like the oral hygiene that are connected with whole elementary system


APISA the name is stands for Asia Pacific India and South Africa is a complete global approach to meet an international solution for mankind through sustainable bio-diversity among the countries of operation.


We always gain the attention of all Veterinarian and Consultant, the real heroes for their tireless contribution to take care the health management system of various farms round the Globe. Apisa is dedicated for the Quality and Service here.


Research and Development is a missionary activities of an organization that has a direct contribution to the world for scientific up gradation for better health and productivity for better mankind. Here you may see the superiority of an organization.

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Be soft with Animals

Animals have rights. They have rights because the God created them. All animals should be treated equally with human being. Animals species like human. They are just living of their own, trying to survive in the world and trying to live in peace

Grow Fish and Grow with Fish

Researchers worldwide have discovered that eating fish regularly may reduce the risk of diseases ranging from childhood asthma to prostate cancer. Fish is low in fat, high in protein and an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. Regular consumption of fish can reduce the risk of various diseases and disorders.