Vettart Pow

Prevention and Treatment of CRD or other abnormalities originated from Mycoplasma



100gm pouch


Prevention and Treatment of CRD or other abnormalities originated from Mycoplasma


TylosinTertrate:          62.5%

Vitamin B12 :     560.00 mcg

(as Vitamin, B12 Mannitol

Triturate :                  1:1000 )

Vitamin K3 :         150.00 mg

Vitamin D3 :          22000 IU

Vitamin E Acetate :       40 IU

Riboflavin :           180.00 mg

Ca.Pantothenate: 375.00 mg

Vitamin A  :         1,25,000 IU

Niacin:                            Q. S.

(Appropriate overages added)

  • Vettart directly attacks and kills Mycoplasma gallisepticum the CRD causing organism from the respiratory tract.
  • vettart is an aid in the treatment of chronic respiratory disease (CRD) associated

with Mycoplasma gallisepticum only sensitive to tylosin.

  • vettart is the control of CRD associated with Mycoplasma gallisepticum sensitiveto tylosin at the time of vaccination or other stress in chickens.
  • vettart water soluble is indicated for maintaining weight gain and feed efficiency in the presence of infectious sinusitis associated with Mycoplasma gallisepticumsensitive to tylosin.
  • In poultry, respiratory disease can threaten birds and slow weight gain. Strategic

medication  with  vettart water soluble  can  keep respiratory disease in checkhelping to protect flock health and profitability.


Prophylactic usage:

Per 100 birds through   drinkingin divided dosage.

Broilers:     1st three days 8gm daily.

22nd and 23rd day 72gm daily.


First three Days 8gm daily

25th day    40 gm

72th day   120 gm


4th to 7th day:                11.2gms/day

13th to 14th day:                11.4gm/day

20to 21st day:                         56/day

26th to 27th day:               72gm/day

34th to 35th day:               88gm/day

66th day:                         152gm/day

87th day:                         200gm/day

140th day:                        264gm/day

Layer breeder:

4th to 7th day:                  9.6gm/day

13th to 14th day:                 20gm/day

20 to 21st day:                    14gm/day

26th to 27th day:               53gm/day

34th to 35day:                   66gm/day

64th day:                           80gm/day

85th day:                          160gm/day

140th day:                         232gm/day

Or as directed by a Veterinarian