Timsen X Liq.

Prophylactic Medicine for EUS



100ml, 500nl, 1lit.


Prophylactic Medicine for EUS


• Timsen X kills all types of disease causing germs from fresh water area.
• Timsen X cures EUS as a topical germicide from the body of aquatic animals.
• Timsen X directly improves water quality to give the better eco environment.


Research based Iodophor compound with triple action germicidal property.


Timsen X Prevents and cures E.U.S. (Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome) with certainty. The result can be seen within 3-4 days.
• Timsen X prevents and cures diseases of other BACTERIAL and FUNGAL origin.
• Timsen X helps in removing environmental sress factor by its Bactericidal effect.
• Timsen X flashes the Skin and Gill tissue, setting it free from disease producing organisms without effecting the intestinal micro flora. Timsen X provides quality maintenance of water parameters and soil conditioning..
• Timsen X keeps a check over opportunistic Bacterial Pathogens in the Aquatic Environment, by providing strong bactericidal effect for long time.


• Timsen X maintains optimum pH, DO, alakalinity and hardness of water.
• Timsen X treats the soil and improves nitrogen compound, which helps plankton production, and ultimately increase fish production.
• Timsen X helps in growth of fish production and prevents various diseases.
• Timsen X improves the texture and shining in the fish.
• Timsen X acts effectively on both in fresh water brackish water fish culture to prevent not only E. U.S_ but also other bnacterial and fungal infections.
• Timsen X is considered as a tatala package, which is a unique feature of the product a big money saver.
• The method of application of Timsen X is simple and cost Effective.
Pond with the average depth of 1 meter water:


0.25 Acre 100 ml
0.50 Acre 200 ml
1Acre 400 ml
1 Hectare 1000 ml
(or) as per advice of an aqua consultant.
Mix the recommended quantity of timsen.x in 30-40 liters of water and sprinkle all over the pond water uniformly


• Timsen X is strictly for application in pond and confined water only.
• Do not use Metallic Container while Mixing Timsen X with water. A Plastic container is preferred.
• Avoid contact with Skin and Eve.
• Store in a cool and dark place.
• Keep it out of reach of children.