A probiotic blend containing multiple strains of bacterial spores that produce enzymes to enhance pond water and bottom quality for higher fish & shrimp productivity. Produces enzymes such as pectinase, protease, amylase, β-galactosidase, lipase and cellulase.

Minimum of 6 Billion cfu/gm


prodona is an ultimate biotechnological innovative product. It contains a group of 5th Generation beneficial bacteria and natural specialty minerals. It helps to reduce the build up of excessive ammonia and converting ammonia to nitrites and then nitrites to nitrates by the way of special beneficial bacterial action. It helps in balancing pH at optimum level.


  1. Elimination of toxic gases eg. NO2−, NH4, H2S.
  2. Out compete pathogenic bacteria
  3. Reduction of suspended organic matter
  4. Reduce BOD & COD
  5. Improve DO level and enhances productivity.
  6. Improve benthic/sediment conditions.
  7. Stabilize pond pH and maintain optimum alkalinity

Dosage: 100gm /Bigha of average 1meter water depth.

For the Biofloc culture 1ppb or consult with aqua specialist.

(Repeat the application in every 30