Planktogen Liquid

Facultative soil and water probiotics fortified with Natural HSCAS and enzymes.





Facultative soil and water probiotics fortified with Natural HSCAS and enzymes.


Biotechnology for environmental depollution in aquaculture.
Preamble-orgin of the pollution problem in aquaculture
• The organic load in terms of unutilized feed, excessive feed (due to over feeding), fecal matter, molted exo-skeleton, dead algae etc. rich in protein and carbohydrates, settles at the pond bottom.
• This undecomposed or partially decomposed proteinaceous material creates anaerobic conditions and produces toxic gases like ammonia, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide etc. This contributes to the pollution of the pond bottom, which deteriorates the healthy environment and causes severe damage to the prawn culture.
• In such prevailed conditions there is a need for such a product, which can be present at the bottom and augment the process of biodegradation so that the pollution load will be minimized.
• Planktogen is a unique bio-product through Apisa Biotechnology Organisation It provides a most optimum solution to the aqua problems.


Bacillus Subtilis
Bacillus Linchenis
Bacillus Polymyxa
Bacillus Megaterium
Bacillus Pumilas
Pseudomonas Putida
Pseudomonus Denitrificans
Aspergillus Oryzae
Aspergillus Nigar
Saccharomyces Cervisae
Lactobacillus Lactis
Lactobacillus Haveticus
Cellumonus Uda


Facultative bacterial strains in the Planktogen cleans pond bottom and generates natural feed sources in absence or presence of oxygen and sunlight.


• Clears Pond bottom sediments.
• Prevents production of Toxic gases.
• Arrests the growth of pathogenic bacteria.
• Makes Pond water clean, clear and visible.
• Maintains the proper pH of the pond by developing the number of useful bacteria.
• The enzymes secreted by the bacteria breaks down the toxic compounds to the natural feed sources in the pond.


(With average one meter depth)
500ml per Hectare once in a month. Or as advice of an aqua consultant.

***Normally the usage and repetition of environmental products depend upon the pond geography and the type of culture. It is essential to take an advise from an aqua consultant.

Take 500ml Planktogen in to 20-lit container. Put 1kg juggery with 10 lit pond water and mix thoroughly. Give aeration at least for an hour. Sprinkle evenly through out the pond