Apiclin EC

Safe ectocide to control the disease creating primary arthropods.



50ml, 1lt.


Safe ectocide to control the disease creating primary arthropods.


Apiclin is the Hi CIS based parathyroid with less toxicity against the host in the water with the maximum killing capacity to all the arthropods externally. A marginal level of concentration in the pond has no interference with the fish population. However, Apiclin is not recommended to the pond with shrimp populations.


Application of 1lt Apiclin to a Bigha of Pond may kill all the fishes and prawn and toxicity may last for one week. In any emergency please apply Planktolime immediately to detoxify the pond.


Cypermethrin Hi CIS (80:20 CIS and Trans isomer) 10% emulsifiable concentration for animal use.


• Apiclin kills all arthropods from the water and body surface of fish.
• Apiclin stops transovarial transmission of disease through vectors.
• Apiclin can not penetrate blood brain barrier, safe for the fish.
• Apiclin oxidised within 24 hours from the water.


• Apiclin Prepare nursery pond for safely introduction of spawn.
• Apiclin safely cures argulus, larnia in any stage of age of the fish.
• Apiclin has no adverse effect on the pond eco system.
• Apiclin widely used in animal sector.


1lt per Hectare of pond with the average depth of I meter. Or as advised by aqua consultant.
Mix 1lt Apiclin to a 20-lt container and remix 1lt of the reconstituted solution to 10lt pond water and sprinkle in this manner all over the pond.