Amocox Liq.

Ammonia Reducer and DO enhancer.



100ml, 500ml. 500gm


Ammonia Reducer and DO enhancer.


All of the nitrogenous wastes from animals are degraded sooner or later to ammonia (NH3), a colourless, pungent gas, which in its free form is toxic, irritant and corrosive. Aquatic organisms are fed diets of high quality protein. Considerable wastage of food occurs and undergoes microbial degradation to ammonia. Apart from organic nitrogenous residues in the faeces, fish eliminate their end products of nitrogen metabolism mainly as ammonia, which pollutes the water. A concentration of 400 μM (about 7.0 ppm) of ammonia accumulating in water is highly toxic to the fish.


Yucca Schidigera Extract.
DO enhancing agent


The concentrated extract of yucca schidigera in AMOCOX carrier (pulp from the processed yucca schidgera plant), bio converters and stabilizers.
• The active component of the AMOCOX is plant steroidal sapogenin. These molecules are essential for reducing ammonia and other noxious compounds, such as hydrogen sulphide.
• They also are critical for increasing DO levels and reducing levels of BOD and COD.


• Reduces ammonia and other noxious gases
• Reduces BOD and COD.
• Increases survivability OF aquatic livestock.
• Optimizes FCR
• Enhances immune response.
• Works synergistically with probiotics.



Mix 500ml AMOCOX into 10lit water. Mix thoroughly in sunlight and sprinkle over the 1hectare water body.
(For emergency)
Mix 500 ml AMOCOX into 10lit water. Mix thoroughly in sunlight and sprinkle over the 1 acre water

In pond application:
For optimal results, 300g to 500g of Amocox Plus is recommended per 1 acre, depending on the biomass. The required quantity of Amocox Plus must be thoroughly mixed with 10kg of dry sand and evenly broadcasted into the pond.
Feed Use :
500 gm Amocox plus to be mixed with the recommended quantity of feed for 10 MT of mass body weight.